April 15 at Yoga Goodness Studio
Lynchburg, Virginia

Saturday, April 15   1:00 – 4:00 pm
Early Registration $45 / $50 at the door


SUSAN TATE is recognized worldwide as an author, black belt Nia instructor, and wellness visionary. Susan was the Director of Health Promotion and assistant professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia for many years before moving to Seattle in 2000. It seems her soul called her back to Charlottesville in December and she is delighted to be offering this mini-retreat at Let It Be Yoga. Susan is the author of four health-related books, including Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit. Learn more:

What people are saying about Susan’s workshops and retreats

The workshop affected my mind, body and spirit in a truly positive way. Thank you, Susan, for reminding us in a peaceful way who we are!
J.B., Brussels, Belgium

With great skill and sensitivity, Susan guided us on a magical journey into our bodies and beyond. Enlightening, profound, and fun!
B.B., Washington, DC

Your unique approach of pleasure and nurturance is exactly what I needed since I do have ongoing issues with “nurturing” my body, soul, and heart.
S.R., Seattle, WA

Thank you for sharing ways that nurture both body and spirit. You are a gift!
C.B., Seattle, WA

Your workshop has so easily opened up doors for me that were closed so long ago. What a treat and thank you.
C. G., Seattle, WA

Thank you SO MUCH for this workshop. It’s a blessing in my life.
K.K., Seattle, WA

“As a healer, dancer, and body worker who teaches people to fall in love with their bodies and stay connected to sensation, Susan’s words, advice, and insights give us tools for having a passionate and sensual relationship with the body.”  

~Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of The Nia Technique

From her endorsement of Susan’s book, Wellness Wisdom:
31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit