Would you like guidance that honors your body’s innate wisdom and intuition? Would you like support
in any of these areas?

* Getting a better grip on stress and worry

* Nourishing your career dreams or retirement vision

* Creating healthy relationships

* Enjoying the wedding planning process

* Parenting (small children or adult children!

* Grandparenting (all ages!)

* Adding more delight to your sexuality

* Aging with grace and gratitude

* Eating for pleasure and energy

* Taking care of yourself so you can better take care of others

* Moving ahead after divorce or major life transition

* Staying sane and centered while caregiving

* Grieving losses

If you feel anxious or scared, stuck, confused about — how to make a big change, how to handle your stress level in today’s world, family issues, career change, food issues, troubled relationships, aging, the death of a loved one . . .  I can support you.

You may want to know that I have dealt with ALL of these issues in my own life.  For over 46 years I have supported thousands of people of all ages as a life coach, teacher, healer, and health and wellness educator. My passion is supporting people in remembering who they really are.

Contact me and let’s talk. I will listen. We can discuss my rates. And together we will co-create your next steps so you can become who you really are.


Email me
for rates and appointment availability.

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