Katherine and Dou group shot by riverWould you like someone to lovingly “hold the space” for love and holiness to be at the center of your wedding ceremony? You would want to have me as your wedding officiant if you want a spiritual ceremony, co-created with your needs and desires. The weddings I’ve officiated have incorporated the beliefs of each couple. I  have officiated weddings that included Jewish traditions, Christian readings, blessings by Catholic priests, and other religious or spiritual rituals that have meaning for the couple. So you can see, I marry people who prefer a spiritual ceremony that reflects their shared beliefs and values.

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“Love calls – everywhere and always.
We’re sky bound.
Are you coming?”

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I meet with the couple in person or by phone to plan and offer guidance for the ceremony. I check to be sure the details of the ceremony are well planned and I provide resources for vows and readings. I respectfully, lovingly, and efficiently facilitate a rehearsal if desired. If there is a wedding planner, we are in communication to discuss details. I offer a mindful and respectful place for the couple to discuss their desires and vision for the ceremony.  On the legal side, I see that the marriage certificate is signed properly and the marriage certificate is mailed to the proper court within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

My fees are determined by many factors, including the type of ceremony, time involved in meeting and planning the wedding ceremony, whether or not there is a rehearsal, and any travel/lodging expenses. We discuss this during your complimentary telephone consultation.

Spiritual wellness is an important aspect of wellness and my role as an officiant is sacred to me. I am an official, legal in-47-states wedding officiant. I was ordained in 2004 through the non-denominational Universal Life Church.
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You are not meant to search for it,
you are not meant to wait for it,
you are meant to generate it.

~Michael Beckwith
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You might want to know that the first wedding ceremony I officiated was in 2004 in Seattle. I was struck with the profound and deep energy of love that was palpably present right in front of me, in the hearts of the couple I was privileged to marry. Since then, I have officiated wedding ceremonies coast to coast in: Seattle, Washington; Vergennes, Vermont; Kenmore, Washington; Cromwell, California; Charlottesville, Virginia; Snohomish, Washington; St. Catharines, Ontario; Woodinville, Washington; and Friday Harbor (San Juan Island), Washington.

If reading this sounds like you would like me to be the person to be the wedding officiant at your ceremony, please email me to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation so we can see if it’s a good match for all involved.

 A few photos . . . 

Katherine and Dou group shot by river

Katherine and Dou ~ July 14, 2012 ~ Cromwell, CA    Photo courtesy of Handlebar Studios.

Katherine & Dou & me ring exchange

Katherine and Dou exchanging rings. ~Photo courtesy of Handlebar Studios.


Katherine and Dou railroad

Katherine and Dou married! Ta da! ~ Photo courtesy of Handlebar Studios.


Jenny & Joel

Jenny and Joel ~ June 14, 2008  Vergennes, Vermont

Jenny & Joel + officiants

Jenny and Joel with co-officiants Susan and Jed by their side.

David, Me, Suz

Such love, such joy — May, 2012


Jamie and Karen on deck

Jamie and Karen ~ June 2, 2012 ~On their deck, overlooking Lake Ontario.


Karen saying her vows to Jamie

Karen saying her vows to Jamie.


Sue and Miriam, July 21, 2013 ~ Snohomish, WA    Photo courtesy of Donald Driss.


Miriam and Sue celebrating! ~ Photo courtesy of Donald Driss.

Kenn and Dianne  exchanging vows on June 6, 2015   Crystal Lake Lodge, Woodinville, WA


Kenn and Dianne


Hayley & Bryan ~ May 30, 2016 Roche Harbor Resort – Friday Harbor, WA

Sacred HandsFramed

Blessing of the rings ~ photos by @joeandpatience



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  1. Karen King

    If you would like to create a wonderful, positive aura of love and authenticity in your wedding ceremony…. Call Susan.

    Susan Tate brought a beam of light to our day as our Wedding Officiant. She lead us through the process of visualizing what we wished for to set the stage for a wedding ceremony that flowed with magic, love and joy.

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