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Through Movement We Find Health™

What is Nia?

Nia is an exhilarating movement and lifestyle practice. As the first cardio workout to combine martial arts, dance, and healing arts, Nia has fundamentally changed lives with its evolutionary approach to fitness and self-healing in a body. Nia, an internationally acclaimed practice for over 30 years, is based on the science of the body.  It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music in more than 50 countries. Trainings teach people how to workout without pain and enjoy the process of getting fit with movement. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities.

What is Nia’s Purpose?

Nia’s purpose is to grow a worldwide community of healthy people who are empowered to do great things. We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life – by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies. With the right tools and education we can increase our confidence and happiness. We can become connected to others to shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.



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*Cardiovascular conditioning

*Stress reduction

*Improved muscle tone

*Greater flexibility and agility

*Improved self-esteem

*Body/mind/spirit integration

*Increased vitality

*Emotional release

*Postural alignment & greater balance

*Weight management

*More energy

*Better circulation

*Stronger immune system

*More stamina and endurance

*Improved digestion

*Better concentration


*Increased mobility & strength





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