Why did you choose to partner with Team Northrup?


Speaking at a Team Northrup training in Maine.

I said “yes” to partnering with Team Northrup (The Freedom Family) because I wanted to live my passion and create time and financial freedom for myself so that I could travel to see my children and grandchildren. I wanted to create a residual stream of income for my rejuvenation (what others call “retirement”) years. I wanted to support the health and wealth of others. Am I doing that? Yes. Am I doing work I love? Yes. Do I have more time freedom? Yes. Financial freedom? Yes. Am I providing service and supporting the wellness of others? Yes.

I really wanted to find sustainable and effective ways to support the wellness of my clients. As a health educator, I spent hours marketing my workshops and programs (which is actually a form of “selling”!) and got paid each time I spoke or facilitated a workshop. Now I earn residual income for work I did seven years ago, because I have customers who are still purchasing the products each month. I rarely just work for dollars per hour. In fact, I recently turned down an offer to present a nutrition seminar at a law firm because they were only going to pay me once! THAT’S when I realized how much I love the residual income way of living.

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Deborah Kern, introduced me to this opportunity in 2007. Initially, I “borrowed her faith” as I explored the products, the company, this new style of provide sales in a mindful, service-oriented fashion. Let me tell you, I now have my own faith (enough for you to borrow should you want to explore learning more in the meantime).

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I absolutely LOVE working with Susan on our wellness team. She is absolutely a dream team member, supporter, and mentor.
~Kate Northrup Watts
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It’s all been such a surprising blessing and there are no boundaries to where I can do this business! All I need is my phone and a computer I can do this business ANYWHERE in the world. And I have. THAT is why I chose to partner with Team Northrup! And P. S. The friendships and loving support this team offers was a bonus I didn’t expect.


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Now, a question for you to answer:

What will your life be like five years from now
if you keep doing what you are doing today?

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me, being mentored by me, and having the connection to Team Northrup.
please contact me.

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