Susan Tate
If you would like inspiration and guidance on how to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, then you are in the right place. You may also discover that you may experience side effects that include feelings of more inner peace, increased energy, overwhelming episodes of gratitude, enjoyment of food, an expanded reverence for yourself and others, and the knowing you are Divinely loved. Enjoy your exploration here.


May you find empowering ways to be who you came to this earth to be, as you create the next best step on your wellness journey.

Your body is precious.

It is your vehicle for awakening.
Treat it with care.
~ Siddhartha Guatama


My Business Prayer

 May the Divine guide me as I offer inspiration, love, peace, and wondrous wellness to those who come to me for guidance and support.

 May my work be love in action.

 May I guide people toward healthy choices with love, compassion, and a
vision of their wholeness.

 May I provide service in the highest way possible.

Let my writing be a source of love and support for all who find
my articles, emails, posts, and books.

May my Into the Mouths of Babes book provide sacred nourishment to children across the globe. May the seven sacred nutrients of Joy, Wisdom, Respect, Quality, Safety, Pleasure, and Love, offer support for the parents and caregivers entrusted with nourishing these precious souls.

 May the inspiration and action steps I offer in Wellness Wisdom reach thousands of readers and lift them to a higher level of love and wholeness.

 May the future books I write offer inspiration, guidance, and support where it is needed the most.

Let my Nia teaching practice lift the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of each student who enters my class. May I be a place where dancing joy and healing shows up. May these students know that through movement they can find
joy, pleasure, and health.

 Let me always remember that I am dancing with God.

 May my clients and customers find their health being greatly nourished, in every cell of their body, by the quality and selection of the nutritional products I can offer them.

May those who are called to work with me find true financial support that is the highest and best of my partnership with Team Northrup.

 Let each marriage ceremony I have the honor of officiating provide profound blessings to each couple. May I hold a space for the sacred light and love of the Divine to be fully present as they share their wedding vows.

 Let my websites and social media pages be a place to offer service, attract customers and clients who will benefit from my holistic wellness services, and be a high and holy place of inspiration to all who land on these pages.

 May the money I receive through doing the work that is my sacred livelihood easily support my needs and desires. May I be generous and may I have all the money and time needed to stay close and connected to
my children and grandchildren.

May the gifts of the universe be expressed in
my daily acknowledgement of gratitude.

 Let me align with the Divine and let love be my guide.

 And so it is.



Inspiring Wellness

©2000 – 2015 Susan Tate